Relationship Psychotherapy

What is relationship psychotherapy

Relationship psychotherapy or couple psychotherapy help resolve relationship problems and difficulties between couples of any age. Sometimes relationship problems are longstanding and general, sometimes they are specific and linked to a particular event or a change in behavior.

Relationship problems typically include:

Communication, Being honest
You may feel that you and your partner do not talk together as openly or as deeply as you would like, or that talking too often leads to arguments, silence or misunderstanding. Learn how to communicate better and learn how to listen to each other.


Perhaps you are not as emotionally or physically intimate as you once were or as you would like to be.

Jealousy and commitment

One or both of you may be experiencing jealous thoughts or a lack of trust in the other. This might be to do with past relationships or a more recent affair or perhaps because of different expectations or levels of commitment within the relationship.


Relationships can become stale. You may feel that you are “stuck in a rut” or that you are no longer interested in each other in the way you once were. You may feel that you have grown apart or that you would like to be able to bring greater energy and enthusiasm to your relationship. In most cases it is helpful if both partners in a relationship come to therapy together, however this is not always possible and not right for everyone. I am therefore happy to work with individuals as well as couples on relationship issues.

Initial consultation

You will be asked to come along to an initial consultation This is an opportunity for you to meet me and for me to hear about the relationship problems you would like to address. You may be asked to do some work between relationship sessions. Depending on your particular situation, this could for example, involve trying out particular approaches to communication with your partner, undertaking shared activities or negotiating changes in your relationship.


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