Depression is a common disorder that causes people to experience a depressed mood, a loss of interest or pleasure in life events, feelings of isolation, guilt and low self worth. Our sleep patterns can be disrupted causing fatigue, low energy and poor concentration. Depression is more than simply feeling down or sad we all go through spells of feeling down but when you are depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months rather than a few days. Living with depression is difficult not only for the person who is suffering but also for family, friends and colleagues.

Hypnotherapy can be a real and effective tool to help with depression. The solution focused approach doesn’t revisit the past but helps you to focus on the positive future and helps you to begin to enjoy life again. I will help you to understand why you suffer the way you do and I will explain how depression is created and how you can get back to the old you. It is often the first step to feeling confident and reassured so you can begin to enjoy life again feeling more relaxed and in control.


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