Initial Consultation – Free of Charge


I offer all my prospective clients a free initial consultation. We can discuss your reasons for seeking help, and I will explain how hypnotherapy can help you. I will help you to understand how the brain works, how differences in mood, anxiety and stress are created, and how I can help you to generally cope better. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can alleviate your problems and help you find the real you, or rediscover the old you. All your questions and concerns can be discussed. I will give you my hypnotherapy CD free-of-charge. This will help you to relax at home and set the wheels in motion.

Hypnotherapy Treatment – £45 per session


Weight Management – £45
Special four week weight management package £160.


Hypnotherapy/Reiki Combined Session 1.5 hours £55


Smoking & Minor Addiction Treatment – £135
The stop smoking session will last between 90 and 120 mins, no initial consultation is needed as it is included in the session. I offer a complimentary relaxation session one week later 45 mins. Full commitment is essential and will power is required.


Phobia Treatments – £135
Three sessions following the initial consultation.


Relationship psychotherapy  – £45

Session 60 minutes

Insomnia Sessions – Three sessions £120


HypnoBirthing  – Course £320 | One day refresher £160
Five sessions 2.5 hours each 12.5 hours in total


Reiki £30


Learn to relax and learn meditation £30


I work from home in a professional environment and I am extremely passionate about hypnotherapy and helping people. I want these treatments to be accessible and available for everyone.


Disclaimer Hypnotherapy is effective however results may vary and success is not guaranteed, Full client commitment is important.


For more information on Hypnotherapy call: 07817 351 812